Both home seller and buyer will benefit from home inspection.  For the seller, a sober assessment made by a professional inspector can help him identify areas of the property that need attention prior to listing and can also help him determine a fair selling price if in case he decides to sell it 'as is'.  On the other hand, a buyer also benefits from home inspection since he will know the things that need attention in the house that can help avoid costly surprises down the road, and this also will help him facilitate a sound compromise of the price of the property.  A visual diagnoses of the current condition of a property is done in home inspection which is just right for both buyer and seller.  During the home inspection, the property's major systems like electricity, water, HVAC, and others are examined and tested.  Also included in home inspection which is very vital is the checking for the soundness of structural components from the foundation up to the roof.


The seller may make an honest assessment of the condition of his home, but it is the buyer will get the brunt if there is no official home inspection before buying the property, and here are some practical reasons.


This is especially true when buying a newly constructed home where it may sound like a waste of money.  After all, it's been recently constructed and therefore you would assume that it is trouble free.  An expert assessment is needed since you cannot see the problem with wiring, plumbing and easement during a showing.


Home inspection can cost you a considerable amount of money depending on the size and age of the home.  You might think that the amount is expensive but this will become substantially small if you compare it with the cost that you will pay if you found out that the wires the contractor used for wiring were substandard, and you have to rewire the whole house.


As indicated earlier, having a home inspection at performed before you buy the home provides you a good leverage in negotiating a lower price.  It is very difficult to bargain when you do not have any basis for lowering the price.  With home inspection, it allows you to have the power to talk down the price that is supported with something that is verifiable.



Aside from being able to bargain with the price of the property, a buyer also benefit from home inspection at because he can make an additional clause in the contract to the effect that the seller has to make the necessary repairs on the house before the money is paid for the property.  This means that if the seller is unwilling to carry out the repair, you simply let someone estimate the cost and ask thy seller to take that amount off the total price.